Wednesday, August 6, 2014

In the News: I'm On A Billboard!


Hey babes-

Can you believe summer is almost over?!? I mean really, bummer bummer end of summer! I promise to you now that I plan to do my best to make up for summer days lost. My mantra: I will make it to the pool more than once. I will make it to the pool more than once. I will....

All that said, I've had some pretty awesome stuff happening in my working world. This summer has included a month of grant proposal writing (which may sound boring, but grant or not, it really helps to map out what exactly the heck I'm doing), the completion of a painting that is a personal turning point, my first show in Manhattan, shows in Connecticut and Louisiana, art directing on a film, publication of my work in Livingetc Magazine, booking a solo show for fall 2015, and I'M ON A BILLBOARD! And that's just the stuff I can remember! I'm not bragging. I work my butt off. Like every day. Like 12 hours a day. It's still working if I'm wearing something I slept in and baseball is on the radio. It totally is.


In other news, I'm on the panel for the next Creative Mornings talk on Friday August 22nd, 9am at the Walters Art Museum. We (and panels in 83 other cities across the world)will be discussing the topic of Failure. I'll post more info when the link is up. 

Other than that, the next few months hold the outcomes of grant applications, my submission to the 2016 Outwin Boochever Portrait Competition, a partnership with a clothing label (and hopefully more than one), and many, MANY portrait commissions. A lot of these items could be career tipping points, so I'm hoping momentum swings in the right direction.

Alright, I need to get some painting in, so I'm gonna split, but let me leave you with one final thought:


Bye. I love you.


A little info: LED Baltimore is a project that allows Maryland artists to submit work to be displayed larger-than-life on Baltimore's largest billboard, looming over 83 and seen by the masses traveling through Penn Station. I'm stoked to be included. It's so cool to look up and see my paintings at that scale! I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what talent pops up next.

Photo credit: Sara Tomko
This photo is SICK. Kinda looks like a Hopper painting, non?

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Mini Portrait Sale. It's On!


It's that time of year again...Erin Fitzpatrick Mini Portraits are once again on sale! 

Sale price is applied to mini portraits commissioned (50% deposit made and photo submitted) between today 7/9/14 and July 31st*.

This will be the very last Mini Portrait sale of 2014 (and possibly ever), so get 'em while the getting is good.

Here are the details:

- Mini Portraits are 6"x6" or 5"x7"

- All portraits are painted in oil on ready-to-hang, cradled wood panels.

- Portraits are painted from digital photographs that you provide.

- Each painting may be of 1 (one) person or pet. Mini portraits are too small to accommodate multiple figures.

- SALE price: 1st portrait $115, all additional portraits $100 (Full price $135), plus shipping where necessary

- Sale price cannot be saved up for future orders. Photo must be submitted by July 31.

ALSO.... My general prices for full-sized commissions will be increasing on September 1st. This is your chance to commission a piece at my current rate. Email for details.

* Due to last year's overwhelming response, I can't offer this sale around the holidays. There's just not enough time to paint!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

In the News: SUMMER

My little boo Jill is in town! #regram


Hi Babes-

I hope your first week of summer has been awesome and not too melty. If you are lucky you are having really fun summery times like pooling, baseball, beaches, crabs, and suntans, or maybe you're working extra hard and making things count. I'll take that too. 

My day stay bein awesome

Personally, I've only had time to touch a pool once. I'm cool with it though (well, kinda ok). I've been working on keeping this ball rolling while the momentum is heading in the right direction. 

Night poolz

On that tip, although I think quotes are really cheesy and self-help-y, Ima drop one on you, "the most effective way to do it is to do it." That's what's up. Amelia Earhart said that. I totally agree with her! You can talk it. You can think it. But 'til you actually do it...

And, when I'm sad about the pool, I can always do like I did today.... When my studio temps got to about 90 degrees, I painted in a bikini and burned a suntan lotion-scented candle. You know what? It's TOTALLY not the same thing. Not even close. Can't blame me for trying though. 

In the news:
I'm gonna be featured on Baltimore's new LED billboard! I know, I know, everyone is really sad about the classic Natty Boh/Utz girl ad coming down, but I am not sad because my art  (along with other great artists like Alex Fine) is going to be giant and hanging out above Charles Street and 83. I aint mad.

Pro tip: If you are a Baltimore area artist you should apply to join me. No need to compete. I like to share the wealth.

Ok, I'm gonna dip and get back to these paintings. Happy hump day.


Here's a little info from the site:



The Baltimore LED Art Billboard is like no other outdoor digital display. We have taken a technology used solely for advertising purposes and created a one of a kind digital art gallery, granting local artists a level of exposure they would otherwise never experience…absolutely free. Shanklin Media is utilizing this board in a unique way that allows for a donation to the arts of over $100,000 in ad space, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg…
Rotated in among the advertising sponsors will be submitted images of every form of art from painting, drawing, and illustration, to sculpture, architecture, and design. We welcome submissions from all local artists, student, amateur, and professional alike. After every few ads we will display a piece of art, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Content will be updated regularly, with a full-time selection process including local galleries, BOPA, GBCA, and Shanklin Media.